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As much as I love the hands-on physical painting, I enjoy creating designs on my computer just as much. As I began translating my hand-painted designs to the computer, I began thinking about where these new patterns could be reproduced. This led to the creation of my more accessible Everyday Collection that includes handbags, socks, T-shirts, tote bags and more. These products are not available for purchase from our website at this time. There are three major themes: Diamond, Starburst and Music and each product has these three themes.


My inspiration for our Music Line theme is pretty obvious, besides being married to a famous jazz composer/musician, Ramsey Lewis, I have always loved everything music (even though I have never had a music lesson). Just being around all of his creativity as he practices and composes was inspiring as I began my own creative exploration and still is. The other themes, Starburst and Diamond, emerged naturally as I continue to play with what I create.


Diamond Line

Men's Over Calf Socks - Diamond / White
Knee High Socks - Diamond / White
Crew Socks - Diamond / White
Canvas Tote - Diamond

Starburst Line

Men's Over Calf Socks - Starburst / White
Knee High Socks - Starburst / White
Crew Socks - Starburst / White
Canvas Tote - Starburst

Music Line

Mug - Music
Men's Over Calf Socks - Music / Black
Knee High Socks - Music / Black
Crew Socks - Music / Black

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