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The Jan Lewis Designs bangle was my first creation. I designed as I painted wood bangles with acrylic paints using a “fat” paint technique that created a texture on the them. I was pleased to have my bangles as one of the items in the coveted “Oscars®” gift bag for three years in a row. The gift bag was for those actors who had been nominated for an Academy Award. After amassing 50 or so colorful original designs in an array of colors I turned my attention to one of a kind pieces – bowls, vases, ring dishes, etc. I continued with the wood theme for these products. All of them are sealed with a gloss lacquer.


I am inspired by so many things around me every day, many times I just ache to take something like a cool pattern I see in a cracked sidewalk and do “something” with it. Of course, in my case it will be dots. I have no design or pattern in my mind when I begin a new piece, after getting my bearings with some strategic dots, I then follow my intuition. It is highly improvised, akin to how my husband composes at the piano. I’ll often run into a “brick wall” and then the task, the trick, the fun is to see how I’m going to get over it.


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Bangle - Square
Bangle - Octagon


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