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I have a passion for dots—all kinds of dots. Through their simplicity and variety, I find great freedom, even insight. I think what gave me a distinctive style is my love of drawing as a child, and that desire was rekindled when I was in college. I earned my BA in Anthropology from the University of Illinois at Chicago and then went on to study three years at the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). I took only hands-on classes—I’d had enough of books—and found that graphic design captivated me. I finished my time at SAIC just as I married jazz great Ramsey Lewis. We traveled a lot and while away I wanted to stay creative, so I took wood bangles with me to paint and my dot style developed naturally. Studying Anthropology played an instrumental role as well because I found that my designs and patterns were subliminally influenced by the many different cultures around the world that I studied.


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Bob Lewis

Bob Lewis is a highly accomplished enterprising visionary with a proven track record for identifying growth opportunities, initiating strong business alliances and securing venture capital. He has had repeat success in guiding cross-functional teams in the design, re-design, and launching of leading-edge digital media technology solutions. Bob also has a strong passion for cause marketing and community empowerment.

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