New Directions

I’ve always been interested in art—as a child, drawing occupied me for hours. During my high school years, it took a backseat until while in college an elective art class rekindled that passion.

I attended the University of Illinois at Chicago (UICC) with Anthropology as my major. There are three arms of Anthropology: Physical (the study of how things such as diseases travel through societies); Cultural (the study of different cultures in the world whether it’s Pygmies in the Congo or how student sororities and/or fraternities function, among countless others. It shares similarities with Sociology); and finally, Archeology (the study of man through time). 

I would say that Cultural Anthropology interested me the most because I loved studying all manner of cultures. It also turned out to be very advantageous to me as my artistic abilities grew and expanded, although I certainly wasn’t on my mind at the time.

“W” Man – made entirely from cardboard – positive/negative pieces of a “W”, 6ft. tall.After receiving my BA at UICC, I wanted to pursue art above all, so I enrolled in the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) at the age of 35. (After high school I worked as a secretary for a number of years, where I learned the value of education. I didn't begin pursuing a degree until my mid-twenties.) It was humorous when I would walk into many of my new classes and was thought to be the instructor. I experienced a number of revelations there, two rather interesting ones being that like me, most of the other art students were/are left handed (it’s a right brain/left brain thing) and secondly, the fact that all around me were these hugely talented kids, many of whom squandered their talents—they cut classes, weren’t prepared when they were there and basically wasted a lot of their parents’ money. I guess most of them were just too immature to appreciate what they were being exposed to. Not me though, I couldn’t suck up enough of what that environment had to offer to me. I’d had enough of books by then and wanted only hands-on classes.

Above – “W” Man (made entirely from cardboard) positive/negative pieces of a “W”, 6ft. tall.

Conte crayon – lighting at 4 times of day.

Conte crayon – lighting at 4 times of day.


Life-sized scarecrow project in yard of SAIC where assembled

Life-sized scarecrow project in yard of SAIC where assembled.

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