Return to Painting

Early bangle designsI am not a newcomer to the marketplace. I started my business, Jan Lewis Designs, in 2010 but I took a hiatus from social media and selling products in the middle of 2016 when my husband turned 80 so I could travel with him full time.

While I had put my business on hold, I certainly wasn’t idle. I thought I would be, but it turned out that whenever I had some free time, I would pick up a wood bowl or some other wood vessel from a box of unfinished wood pieces I’d accumulated. I was somewhat afraid my “dot” designs painting precision might not still be there after I had been creating computer designs for several years. But I was very excited to give it a try and fortunately my gift was still there.

I have decided to begin sharing the results of this new area of exploration with you as I create a larger body of work. I had no plan to branch out into a new direction, but I am loving the ride.

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